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Often, the items we no longer want or need can be passed on to someone else and have a continuing useful life instead of becoming waste.

Get started today with: Freegle the online sharing platform; LoveJunk (marketplace or to find a licensed waste carrier) or Bucks Zero Waste map

Save money - Buying second hand items can often be much cheaper than buying new and you can often find amazing one-off deals.

Help your local community - Donating items for re-use can help your local community, especially those in need, to buy items at an affordable price. By donating items for re-use you can give items away that you no longer want and know they will be appreciated by someone.

Save energy - Donating items for re-use helps save energy. A lot of energy goes into the production of new items so by re-using unwanted items first we can help reduce the need to produce new ones.

Protect the environment and conserve resources - Every time new items are made, raw materials are used – Extracting (mining, quarrying and logging) raw materials creates substantial air and water pollution. We can help reduced this by re-using items where possible rather than buying new.

Get selling

If your items are good quality why not turn them into cash? There are lots of ways to do this.

  • Sell your unwanted items online at places like eBay, Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree
  • Take your items to local car boots or bring and buy sales.
  • Nearly new sales are a great place to sell your clothes, textiles and shoes.
  • Visit the high street - shops like Cash Convertors and CeX often buy your unwanted electricals.
  • Some shops will buy second hand clothes such as evening wear and vintage items.

Get donating

Freegle is an online sharing site where you can give and take items for free. There are thousands of people signed up in Buckinghamshire already and more than 7,000 items were saved from the bin last year.

With LoveJunk you can create a free listing on the LoveJunk marketplace and match with a local licensed waste carrier or reuser.

All ten household recycling centres will accept items for donation to the South Bucks Hospice shops at Aston Clinton and High Wycombe. Find out more here

Many charities will also come and collect your items, so why not give them a call to see if they can make use of them. 

The Bucks Zero Waste Map has more than 50 listings for charity shops, reuse shops and more.