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Food recycling has never been easier


Did you know around a third of waste thrown away in the rubbish bin in Buckinghamshire is food waste? 

Not only does this cost local taxpayers over £600,000 per year in disposal costs, but damages the environment too! This is why we are delivering leaflets, putting stickers on rubbish bins and spending the next month talking about food recycling.

More and more people in Buckinghamshire are using the weekly food recycling service, but with 28,000 tonnes of food waste still ending up in the rubbish bin, there is still a way to go. So whether you have never used the food recycling service, or you are a regular user but want to know exactly what can be recycled, or you want to find out what happens to the food once it's collected for recycling, these pages are for you. You can order a new or replacement food recycling bin here.

The limited offer of free replacement food recycling bins has ended.

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