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Will you support Buy Nothing New Month 2024? 

As the New Year begins, Buckinghamshire Recycles has pledged to support Keep Britain Tidy’s new campaign, Buy Nothing New Month, in a bid to encourage residents and businesses across Bucks to live more sustainably and consider their effects of their spending habits on the planet.

The campaign challenges people to prevent and reduce the waste they generate by buying nothing new for one month, and to make the use of the things they already have, such as by repairing, upcycling, reusing or donating things they no longer want or need.

We recognise that people are still feeling the effects of the cost-of-living crisis and that many are concerned about climate change and want to take steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

Buy Nothing New Month aims to move people up the waste hierarchy, encouraging people to prioritise other measures above recycling waste, such as preventing it in the first place, and reducing items that could become waste – while also saving money.  

Now in its second year Buy Nothing New Month takes place from 1 to 31 January, 2024. 65% of participants last year managed to buy nothing new for a whole month!

How to get involved: We are encouraging residents and businesses to sign up to the campaign to receive free weekly e-mails containing handy tips, and a free digital free resources pack. Please register at  

Spread the word: Whether you choose to host a clothes swap, upcycle a piece of furniture or have a go at repairing old clothing, we  would love to hear how you are taking part. 

Tips: you can find lots of useful tips on topics like reuse, repair and upcycling on our pages. 

The Waste Hierarchy is a scale of how waste is managed from most preferred to least preferred, you can find out more about the waste hierarchy here

For more information, please visit: