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Sustainable incontinence

Urinary incontinence isn't just the inevitable result due to aging, although it is more common in the older generation. In the UK up to 1 in 10 people suffer from some form of incontinence. 

These are usually categorised into:

  • Urgency incontinence: the inability to hold urine long enough, it can be associated with having to urinate often and feeling a strong, sudden urge to urinate. 

  • Stress incontinence: the leakage of urine during exercise, coughing, sneezing, laughing, lifting heavy objects or performing other body movements that put pressure on the bladder.

  • Functional incontinence: this is urine leakage due to a difficulty reaching a bathroom in time because of physical conditions, such as arthritis, injury or other disabilities.

  • Overflow incontinence. Leakage occurs when the quantity of urine produced exceeds the bladder’s capacity to hold it.

Most traditional products are disposable and made up of 80-90% plastic. But did you know that you can buy reusable incontinence products? 

Our Sustainable Period Product Scheme – can also be used to purchase reusable incontinence products. Our scheme will provide Buckinghamshire residents with a £10 voucher* for you spend on sustainable products. Take a look at each company and click on the link at the bottom of the page to complete a short form.

You will be asked to choose which company you would like to use in the form, so have a look at each before completing the form. Some suppliers have specific products for incontinence but menstrual pads and pants can also be used.  

The Period Lady 

The Period Lady specialised in menstrual products, and also stock products specifically for incontinence. Check their many advice articles to help you find the right products for you, or complete their online questionnaire to receive free product recommendations.


Flowette believe that every woman deserves to embrace her natural flow with comfort, style, and empowerment. They are passionate about sustainability, using PFA-free and vegan materials to care for both you and the planet. With sizes ranging from UK 6 to 26, our fashionable period underwear is suitable for women of all ages. They recommend super plus products for stress incontinence level of leakage. 

Eco Dreams 

Eco Dreams is a socially conscious company based in Buckinghamshire. We specialize in reusable menstrual products, including a variety of cloth pads. Our team is dedicated to helping you make the transition to plastic-free options with ease and support. Plus every purchase helps us deliver charitable projects supporting women and girls facing period poverty. They recommend that customers purchase night pads or day pad plus for incontinence use.

The Period Guru's 

The Period Guru's team is on hand to support you in your transition to plastic free period options. Offering free advice and support from the experienced team, as well as a huge collection of tried & tested brands of period pants and reusable sanitary wear. You can find also helpful information on the different options in their Help Hub.

Cheeky Wipes

Here at Cheeky Wipes we've been talking about simple swaps to reusables since 2008 and we know a thing or two about making the switch to reusables.  We've done the hard work for you and our range gives you everything you need to get started. Our experienced team are on hand via email and our live chat to answer any questions you may have to help get you on your cloth journey. 

Click here to apply for the Buckinghamshire Sustainable Scheme*.

*Only one application per person. Applications only from residents within the Buckinghamshire Council Administrative area.