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Using plastic bags in your food recycling

Buckinghamshire residents can use plastic liners or bags in their food waste recycling caddies. 

The bags are all separated from the food when it is delivered to the recycling plant. The food waste is then processed, creating renewable electricity, and at the end of the process the digested food waste gets spread to land as a nutrition-rich fertiliser

Plastic liners are usually cheaper and easier to obtain than compostable ones. Plastic bags are often stronger than compostable liners, so are less likely to split.

What type of liners can be used in the food caddy?

Residents should choose whatever method works best for them. This might be compostable liners, plastic liners or newspaper to line the caddy.

Yes please

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  • Plastic bags bought on a roll, e.g. pedal bin liners
  • Carrier bags 
  • Thin plastic bags, e.g. fridge and freezer storage bags
  • Bags that food has come in, e.g. bread bags, salad bags, cereal bags etc.
  • Compostable bags
  • Newspaper to line the caddy
  • Black bin liners
  • Rubble sacks
  • Hard plastic packaging (punnets, trays etc.