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Change in cardboard recycling collections in South Bucks area

Change in cardboard recycling collections in South Bucks area

The majority of residents living in the South Bucks area should now all have received a new 44L recycling box.

The new boxes have been introduced because of a change in the way cardboard is being collected. Residents are asked not to put their cardboard into their blue-lidded bins anymore and to instead use the new box for cardboard and paper recycling.

Buckinghamshire Council wants residents to start using their new recycling box for both paper and cardboard, as soon as it arrives (existing boxes can still be used until new boxes are delivered).

Peter Strachan, Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment, said: “We understand that some residents are concerned that they won’t be able to fit all of their cardboard and paper into the new box. If residents cannot fit all of their cardboard into their new box, our contactors will collect extra side-waste as long as it is either stored in a recyclable container, such as a cardboard box or that it is folded down and flattened and left beside the box for collection. Along with residents, our contractors are also adjusting to this change in service. If side-waste is left out and isn’t collected please report this via our online form.

“We have collected cardboard and paper this way in other parts of Buckinghamshire and it’s worked really well, but if residents feel that one box isn’t enough, they can continue to use their existing paper box for excess paper and card, or they can request another box. Assisted collections can be arranged for residents who have difficulty moving their recycling and waste bins to the boundary of their property for collection, this can be requested online. Please call our waste team for further information.

“The change is being introduced because we want to prevent the cardboard from becoming waste. When cardboard is put in the mixed recycling bin with other materials, such as food tins, drinks cans and bottles, if these items are not clean, they can contaminate the cardboard which can lead to rejection. This means it will be disposed of as waste and taken to our energy to waste facility. This is bad news for the environment.

“Having a separate container for paper and cardboard means we can prevent recycling quite literally ending up in the bin. This not only benefits the environment but it also helps increase our recycling rate and meet central government targets. Our residents are great at recycling and we don’t want to see their hard work wasted.”

From Monday 1 November, blue-lidded bins containing cardboard, will no longer be emptied. If you’re not sure which item goes into which container, we have a really helpful online ‘waste wizard’ tool. Simply type in what you need to dispose of, and it will tell you how and where to do it.

If, for some reason, you do not receive your new box, please contact us online.