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Are you binning your cash?

Are you binning your cash?

Almost one fifth of the food we buy ends up in the bin, most of it because it simply wasn’t used in
time. You might as well just throw your hard-earned cash straight in the bin. However, there is a
smarter way to save your money and do your bit for the environment, and the answer is, quite
literally, at your fingertips…by using your smartphone.
There are lots of ways that your smartphone can be used to help you to only buy the food you need. You can then shop less and save more.

Ever bought the same thing twice?

You can avoid this by taking a ‘shelfie’ on your phone to remind you what you already have in your
fridge, freezer and cupboards before creating your shopping list. You may find that you can avoid food shopping altogether if you have enough canned, dried and frozen foods to rustle up a tasty meal.

It pays to use a grocery app

With a basket-full of grocery shopping apps for iOS and Android devices, it couldn’t be easier to write
your list to make sure you only buy what you’re going to need. Here are some examples of available
Siri’s ‘Reminders’ app - can help you to create a shopping list and add items as and when you need them. Even better, you can share your list with
someone else who can do the shopping for you.
‘Out of Milk’ - helps you to manage your shopping list and now has a
voice assistant, which works with apps such as Amazon's Alexa and Google's Assistant.
‘mySupermarket’ - has its own app, which allows you to not only create your shopping list, but also to check the best price for any product from Sainsbury's, Tesco, Asda or Ocado before you even leave the house.

Smart food shopping is a piece of cake. More information, tips and advice on smarter food shopping can be found at