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A big thank you for High Heavens recycling crew

A big thank you for High Heavens recycling crew

Local charity Seerah Today has thanked the staff at the High Heavens Household Waste and Recycling Centre as part of the national Thank You Day initiative designed to ensure everyone who deserves a thank you gets one!

‘As part of Thank You Day, Seerah Today would like to recognise and Thank; Matt, Jon, Eddie, Clive, Oscar, Chris and Dennis at High Heavens Recycling Centre.

Over the past year, despite added pressure and restrictions, the staff at High Heavens have delivered exemplary service.  As well as reorganising effectively and safely, every worker at High Heavens greets you with a smile and a kind word, approaches you when they see you are confused as to which gate to put your rubbish through and are calm and courteous at all times.

As part of Thank You Day, we have delivered each of the workers a gift and have made a ‘thank you’ poster to be displayed for the week.


James Reseigh, FCC Environments’ Buckinghamshire HRCs Contract Manager said “we operate the High Heavens facility on behalf of Buckinghamshire Council along with the other centres across the county. The last 18 months have been tough, we are Key Workers and, other than a short period of closure, we have stayed open through the pandemic to ensure residents could continue to bring in their recycling and waste to prevent it becoming a health hazard in the home. And our teams not just in Buckinghamshire but throughout the UK have shown huge resilience. But to know that its appreciated is fantastic. Thanks to Seerah Today for thanking us, it really does mean a lot.

Seerah Today serves Muslims in Buckinghamshire and West London in their religious practice. Amongst its other activities the charity provides religious education and an Islamic lending library, activities to spread awareness and understanding of Islam, and to promote community cohesion

Thank You Day starting from just 13 individuals proposing a Thank You Day, the idea is now supported by hundreds of organisations across the country, ranging from the Scouts and Guides to Rotary and the Royal Voluntary Service, NHS, The Mirror and the Sun, the Football Association and the Church of England.  It’s got the backing of celebrities, religious leaders and sports stars, local councils and schools, businesses and communities throughout the UK. The aim is for as many people as possible to be involved so everyone who deserves it gets a thank you – and the whole of the UK gets together.