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Try the new 'at home' feature to recycle more & win prizes

Despite Buckinghamshire Council emptying over 4,000 litter bins a week and spending hundreds of thousands of pounds to clean streets across the county, litter is still a problem. Nationally over 2 million pieces of litter are dropped every single day!

LitterLotto® users in Buckinghamshire now have a chance to win an extra £250 in an exclusive monthly prize draw just for people binning in Bucks.
LitterLotto® and Buckinghamshire Council have partnered up to offer local people binning litter an extra prize draw. That means every bit of litter binned in Buckinghamshire effectively gets a double entry, one to the local draw and one to the national draw. No matter where you are in Buckinghamshire your entries count towards both competitions.

LitterLotto® gives users the chance to win thousands of instant cash prizes each month, from £5 to £250, as well as the weekly £1,000 jackpot, by simply binning litter. All litter counts — from a single cigarette stub, to a takeaway meal box. Users simply download the free app, then take a picture through it as they bin litter, anywhere. Each time they bin litter, they get another entry into the LitterLotto®, and more chances to win spot prizes.

Download LitterLotto® now! 

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Gareth Williams, Buckinghamshire Council’s former Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change, said:

With the new LitterLotto® Local initiative, we want to encourage people even more to protect their surroundings and reward the right behaviour. If we can get more litter in bins, we can save some money that we are currently spending litter picking and divert it to other projects or services. So many residents already take time to litter pick their local areas, and for those people this is a recognition of that. Sadly, some people still drop litter, and we hope this will encourage them to rethink their actions.

Taking photo of putting litter in a bin

Volunteers who run litter picks can also enter the regular prize draws. When out on a litter pick you can take a picture of the litter as you put it in your bin bag. So you can enter for each item you pick, if you have the time. 

If you want to support this project and encourage more people in your area to start using LitterLotto® then email for a supporters pack

Find out more about LitterLotto® and how it works here.