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Here are our top tips for reducing waste and recycling it correctly this Easter

Reduce your waste 

Decorations - create an easter tree from a few branches and decorated egg shells.

Zero waste egg hunt - use baskets or bags you already have (or shop second hand). Hide decorated stones around the house/garden for the kids to find (and painting the stones is a great way to keep them entertained beforehand). Create a scavenger hunt with clues and give 1 egg at the end (instead of hiding lots of eggs)

Home made crafts - there are loads of ideas for easter crafts. A few of our favourites are here: Easter Card ideas, Easter Crafts.


Easter egg boxes can be put in your home recycling bin, remove any ribbon, or glitter parts first. Foil needs to be scrunched together to about the size of a tennis ball and then put in your home recycling bin. Any soft plastic can be taken to most large supermarkets. You can also check the Waste Wizard which has 1,000s of items listed to help you repair, reuse or recycle household items or which bin it goes in.

Food waste 

The UK creates almost 8,500 tonnes of food waste at Easter in total. This includes:

  • 8 million hot cross buns wasted
  • 5 million slices of leftover roast meat
  • 19 million leftover potatoes 
  • 20 million leftover portions of vegetables

Love Food Hate Waste have a great portion planner where you can select the type of food you're cooking and the number of people you are catering for.  

Here are a few recipes to use up any leftovers. Hot cross bun pudding, leftover lamb pie, the BBC have a lots of leftover easter recipes too. 

Food that can't be eaten can be recycled.  Lamb bones, vegetable peelings and coffee grounds can all be recycled at home. The weekly food recycling service makes it easier than ever. You can also use spare plastic bags to line your caddy too, like bread or salad bags. Find out more about your food recycling here.

Changes to bin collections

This year Easter bank holidays fall on the following days:

  • Friday 29 March (Good Friday)
  • Monday 1 April (Easter Monday)

There will be no bin collections on these days so we have created a revised schedule. Click here to find your revised collection date.