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Hot composter

A hot composter, like the Green Johanna recycles all kinds of waste food – even cooked food, meat and fish, and all your usual garden waste too!

Reaching a high internal temperature of between 40-60°c, hot composters provides the right environment, unlike traditional cold composting heaps, to break down a wider variety of waste more rapidly.

What can I put in it?

In addition to general garden waste and grass clippings, cardboard and paper, you can also put in cooked left-over food waste, egg shells, mouldy bread, fish, meat, chicken bones and much more.

How does it work?

Most home compost bins can't reach high temperatures which means the composting process can be slow. With hot composters you can expect basic compost in a month or two and a high quality organic compost in just 3-4 months. 

Hot composters need to be placed on soil or grass as the relatively small amount of liquid produced during composting drains from the base. Site in partial or full shade. Start off by making a base layer 10-20cm deep of twigs and woody prunings. Thereafter, add two parts of garden waste to one part kitchen waste.

Where do I get a hot composter?

There are lots of places to buy hot compost bins, like garden centres or DIY stores. There are discounts for Buckinghamshire residents to buy hot composters and food waste digesters at 

Check out this review from Gardeners World about the Green Johanna. 

Discounts are funded by Buckinghamshire Council.