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Food waste digester

Food waste digesters are quite different to normal compost at home options. Digesters, like the The Green Cone  turns cooked and uncooked leftover food, including meat, fish and bones, into nutrient-rich soil conditioner – no stirring or turning required. It won't produce compost, but it will feed the garden around it.

Designed for a sunny spot in a well drained garden, the Green Cone is suitable for an average household of four people. Nature does the rest, reducing the Green Cone's contents to water and carbon dioxide. Over 90% of the waste material in your Green Cone will be absorbed as water by the soil. 

For more information on how it works and common questions check out the Green Cone Handbook

Where do I get a Green Cone?

here are discounts for Buckinghamshire residents to buy Green Cones at 

Discounts are funded by Buckinghamshire Council.