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Don’t just eat it, Compleat it!

Compleat – verb, to eat the whole food. “They all compleated their bakes potatoes, even the skins.”

Do you compleat your food? Perfectly edible parts of common foods such as potatoes and bread are going to waste because people don’t want to eat them, don’t know how to prepare them, or in some cases don’t even realise they are edible.

If more people ate things like potato skins and peels, bread ends and crusts, broccoli and cauliflower stalks and pizza crusts, this would greatly help to reduce UK food waste and would benefit our environment.

Did you know?

Potatoes are by far the #1 most wasted food in UK households. The majority of this waste is potato peelings/skins – although these are recognised as perfectly edible parts of the potato. The main reason for this waste is personal preference; people choose not to eat the skins and to peel their potatoes – even though most of the fibre goodness is in the skins.

‘Compleating’ –ieeating every part of your ingredient/meal -means you get the best value from the food you buy

Peeling vegetables like potatoes, carrots and parsnips is an unnecessary hassle. Save time by not peeling them and do something else you enjoy instead!

It takes a huge amount of resources –land, water, time, hard work –to bring food to your plate. Making sure you eat all the edible parts of your food ensures this doesn’t all go to waste.